Former Machine Gun Blues frontman's luchador debut Saturday, June 27

You're looking at the first image of Wall Street -- the ref-bribing, match-fixing, gabacho jerkoff alter ego of former Machine Gun Blues frontman Aaron Collins. As reported here not so long ago (see the original blog here), Collins has turned his years of of experience abusing his body to a new cause -- entering the ring as a masked luchador. "He's been training a lot and is a natural at jumping off of tall things onto other people," explains his manager, Sid Pink. "Much like his 'youth' as a rock star."

Collins is Wall Street, a rudo (bad guy), and this weekend, he gets his debut at Lucha Libre Mexicana at the National Western Complex. The event starts at 7 p.m. and his match is first, so don't dawdle getting out there. Afterward, you can catch legends from Mexico Hijo del Santo, Rayo de Jalisco, Super Porky, Pirata Morgan, El Solitario, Jr and local stars Rokambo, Quantum, Red Demon and Confucion Chicana.Tickets are available online and at Illegal Pete's and FashioNation.

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