Freaky Friday: "Apache" - Tommy Seebach

After last week's brief hiatus (I hope you missed me), Freaky Friday returns with a slice of vintage '70s cheese from the wondrous land of Denmark: Tommy Seebach's "Apache." The song itself is a silly disco throwaway based around a repetitive riff, some wakka-wakka guitar effects and a typically meaningless vocal. On its own, it wouldn't qualify as much more than an amusing artifact of cheap, foreign disco novelty. But pair it with the weird video (unfairly labeled "Worst video ever" by the uploader of this version, the best I could find audio-wise) which features some sort of pagan-hippie, wannabe Native American camping trip fueled by Quaaludes and magic mushrooms, and you've got yourself the perfect antidote to working for the rest of the afternoon. It awaits you after the jump.


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