Freaky Friday: Chunky Pam - "Merry XXXLMas"

In honor of the snow we're getting today, we thought we'd offer a video suited for the season we expect snow (yeah, we know it snows in March all the time in Colorado, it still feels wrong when we were wearing shorts just three days ago). That, and there was no way we could wait until next Christmas to share this gem with you, so just put on DVD with the fireplace video, pour yourself a mug of eggnog (or just the booze, we won't tell) and prepare for Chunky Pam.

Chunky Pam is a plus-sized female rapper from Jersey who is very comfortable with her size. She celebrates it, in fact, and good for her. And in this video, she celebrates the holidays by indulging in all the treats of the season, and quite a few all-season treats (Twinkies aren't seasonal, are they?) too. While she does this, she busts some nice rhymes about her size, her sexiness and the dirty things she's going to do to Santa. She's bringing sexy back, in bulk. It's actually a pretty decent track, and the video is HI-larious. See for yourself below.

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