Freaky Friday: "Defenders of the Universe" - Videogame Theater

Your appreciation of today's clip is likely to be wholly dependent on your affection (or lack thereof) for foul-mouthed puppets rapping about old-school video games. If you read that and said 'Holy shit, I can die happy now," you will be thrilled -- otherwise, this may not be quite your thing. Thanks go out to fellow VVM blogger Rob Bricken of the awesome geek blog Topless Robot for tipping me off to this earlier this week (by the way, if you think foul-mouthed puppets rapping about video games is awesome, Topless Robot should be daily reading for you). This is possibly (probably?) NSFW, depending on your workplace's tolerance of puppets dropping the N-bomb (I ain't talking Nintendo here) and puppet sex. You've been warned -- now go watch it anyway.

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