Freaky Friday: Kids' dinosaur metal

In the U.S., we've got Barney, a big, purple weenie of a dinosaur who sings saccharine platitudes about loving everybody. In Finland, they get Hevisaurus, a band of dinosaurs that perform heavy metal for kids.

Finland 1, USA 0.

According to Metal Archives, the band members real identities are a secret (what, you mean these aren't real dinosaurs!?!) but the album credits lists players who have played with acts such as Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen and Sonata Arctica, so there's some authenticity here. Also, they're from Finland, which is one of the most metal of all countries.

And you can argue about the authenticity and "metalness" of metal for kids, but a) even metalheads grow up and spawn little metalheads, and it's nice to have something to play for them and b) take away the cutesy dinosaurs prancing around in the video, and this sounds like classic power metal from the early to mid '80s. Also, it's in Finnish, which is automatically good for +1 to the metal score.

[Via World Oddities]

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