Freaky Friday: Pogo slices and dices Alice In Wonderland

This week's dose of freak is of the trippy variety. It's from an Australian sampling artist named Pogo, and what he's done here is sampled tiny bits from the Disney animated Alice in Wonderland, and then built those snippets into a cyclic, psychedelic lullaby. With a video to match.

Now, Alice in Wonderland has always been kind of a drug-oriented fairy tale, what with the various potions and pills and what not, and this is firmly in that tradition. Which is not to say you have to be high to enjoy it, but with its weird looping vocal snippets and odd visuals, it's definitely the kind of thing that has an inherent appeal to those who like to pry open the doors of perception, or even just over-medicate their (nonexistent) glaucoma. Just sayin'.

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