Freaky Friday: "Superbroker Shuffle"

This week's Freaky Friday is something truly special. Let me set the scene: It's 1986 or '87, somewhere in the Midwest. A grocery store wholesaler marketing and sales manager with delusions of grandeur alights upon a brilliant idea: let's force our sales team to recreate the "Super Bowl Shuffle" as a motivational tool for our yearly superbroker contest! And thus, the video you are about to see was born.

In it, you will witness the most awkward rapping and dancing by middle-aged men in horrible sweaters -- and a few women in cheerleader outfits -- ever captured on tape (seriously, if you find something more awkward, I insist you notify me immediately). You will thrill to the mullet-headed dude who actually seems kinda into it. You will wonder what they threatened these poor people with to convince to them to take part in this travesty.

I suspect the golden age of these types of videos is past, given that most people will now figure they will end up on YouTube and thus refuse to have any part of it (at very least the corporate overlords that make them will hold onto them a little tighter). That just makes it all the more imperative to savor the riches already available, which you can do below.

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