Sometimes the freakiness of a thing comes through not because of its inherent stupidity, insanity or deranged humor, but through sheer how-the-fuck-did-he-do-that? awesomeness. That is the case with today's Freaky Friday entry, the unbelievable Thru You, by Kutiman. It's the ultimate YouTube mash-up, blending tiny bits of dozens of videos into original musical composition. The amount of time that must have gone itno this is mind-boggling, not to mention the mad sample and video editng skills required to pull it off. This should put to bed for good the argument that sample-based music is "easier" or less musical than traditionally composed music. Does anyone really think this is easier than learning three chords and wriitng a punk song? Hell, does anyone think this is easier than writing a symphony? If so, I await your rebuttal, in the same format. After the jump, my favorite of Kutiman's compostions is embedded, but check his web site and listen to/watch the whole album. It's worth it.

Freaky Friday: Thru You by Kutiman

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