Free music: Two and a half hours' worth, from one-man shoegaze-cum-folk-act Irene's March

Local one-man shoegaze-cum-folk-act Irene's March, aka Jeff Minter, has decided to drop a 268-megabyte bomb on our ears right before Thanksgiving. The collection, titled Awakenings, spans three volumes and includes 38 songs recorded over five weeks. All together, it clocks in at over two and half hours (!).

The bulk of the album takes Minter's acoustic warblings to their logical ends, with songs like "Tasty Baby" and "Wednesday" sounding straight out of the Meadowlark's open-mike night. There are a few stranger songs mixed in for good measure, too. "Water (Drink More)," for instance, blends the wonkiness of psych folk with the straightforward taste of classic country, whereas "Birdsong" is a whistle-driven track that sounds like something out of Bob Drake's book of songs.

As a whole, the songs are fitting for a cross-country Thanksgiving drive. With the exception of the often-used reverse delay, they're varied enough without being too out there. Actually, a lot of the tracks sound like a toned-down, less annoying version of Animal Collective.

You can download the whole thing here, but be forewarned: The songs aren't ID3 tagged, so if you import into a music player, it'll be a bit of a mess.

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Thorin Klosowski
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