Free Showing of Pearl Jam Concert Movie, Immagine in Cornice, at Starz FilmCenter

What: Immagine at Cornice. Where: The Tivoli student union building at the Denver Film Society/Starz FilmCenter Theatre (off 9th and Auraria). When: This Wednesday, September 26, at 7 p.m. Cost: FREE!

Itching for some free Pearl Jam? Well then be a “Better Man,” get off your “Yellow Ledbetter” and call up “Jeremy” for the big-screen showing of Pearl Jam's new concert movie Immagine at Cornice. All god-awful puns aside, it’s a great chance to see the newly released Danny Clinch documentary chronicling the band’s 2006 summer tour through Italy for free. Also, if you want to meet up with other like minded Pearl Jammians before hand, go to Brooklyn's across the street around 5:30 p.m to discuss anything from "Bug" being their best song to just how anti-corporationy Eddie Vedder really is. --Gene Davis

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