Free video Valentines from Bop Skizzum

This Valentine's Day, Denver funk band Bop Skizzum wants to end relationships. Well, crappy ones, anyway. They're offering to create personalized video messages to fans that will include their song "I'm So Much Cooler," which is about knowing your girl/guy crush is dating the wrong guy/girl. "The song is kind of kitschy and fun," says Bop Skizzum frontman Andy Guerrero, who is also a member of Flobots. "I think we'll do everything in good taste. We're not trying to break up marriages -- it has to be a boyfriend or a girlfriend."

Barring an unforeseen flood of shy unrequited lovers, the band will make a Valentine for everyone who asks for one. In order to get yours, go to the Bop Skizzum web site and fill out the form with your name, his/her name, email addresses and a box where you can explain why, exactly, you're so much cooler than the current boyfriend/girlfriend.

Then, the band will record a video along the lines of, "Hello his/her name. We're Bop Skizum and your name has something they'd like to say." Cut to video. There will be some reference to your reasons, as well. That's the backbone, anyway -- they still haven't decided exactly how they'll execute the messages.

"We were trying to think of ways to interact with our fan base, and do something cool for them," says Guerrero. "And also get our music out to more people."

Bop Skizzum, fresh off a performance at Los Angeles's National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), will be releasing its music video for "Beauty Queen" in conjunction with a show on February 11 at the Rockstar Lounge.

Below, the video for "I'm So Much Cooler." So go out there and wreck some havoc this Valentine's Day.

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