Freeloader: Download some free Christmas music from Jessica Sonner and Dan Craig

Ready or not, it's time to start thinking about Christmas. Yes, we know, Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet, but you know how it goes. The pre-Christmas hype machine gets fired up earlier and earlier each year, it seems. Frankly, we're surprised that certain lite rock station hasn't started barraging us with wall-to-wall holiday tunes yet. Speaking of holiday music, newlyweds Jessica Sonner and Dan Craig as Oh, Starling have put together a five song EP comprised of -- you guessed it -- Christmas songs. Better act quickly, though, the couple is only giving the songs away as a free download until Thanksgiving. After that, it will be five bucks to download and a physical CD will be mailed to you, as well. Or if you'd like to skip the downloading thing altogether, if wait until after turkey day, you can pick up the disc at Twist & Shout or at various local businesses or at the show that Sonner and Craig are playing on Saturday, December 12 at the Gothic.

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