Freeloader: Dubstep mix from Alert

It was just a few days ago I was writing about how much I hate Christmas music, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that I've been seeking out alternative musical fare this season. And just this morning, what should alight on my inbox like the trip-tapping of tiny reindeer? A new free mix from local dubstep producer Alert! Okay, it alighted more like a Satanic goat, because this is some dark, twisted and seriously gnarly stuff, way more suited for Halloween than Christmas. But you know what? I'm also more suited for Halloween than Christmas and I bet some of you are too. It's a seventy minute, high-bitrate mix recorded just last week at Sutra that showcases a bunch of his new material and it's just the thing to banish the ghosts of Christmas -- although it's hard to say what other spirits it might conjure up. You can hear it in the embedded player below, or just head over to Alert's SoundCloud page to download it now.

Alert live at Sutra (Here Comes The Bass) by Alert™

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