Freeloader: Experimental goodness of Sense from Nonsense

As much as we enjoy a good pop tune, rock song, dance track and/or hip-hop joint, occasionally we feel the need for something ... weirder -- something that puts the "mental" in experimental and helps us scrape our ears clean of all those predetermined expectations about what music is supposed to be.

And we figure you're all probably the same way, right? That's why we're happy to have stumbled upon these two free EPs -- Four Humors and An Experiment In Mischmasch -- from Sense from Nonsense.

Each encompasses musical elements cribbed from free jazz, noise and psychedelia. You'll hear tribal drumming, animal noises, typewriters, incomprehensible outbursts of vocals and shredded guitar tones, not to mention plenty of other weird shit. An Experiment In Mischmasch is the better of the two, both for its greater variety of compositions and sound palette, and for having the best "song," the pretty, dreamy "Orange Powder and the Psychedelic Tongue" which is immediately going into the heavy rotation playlist. For your listening pleasure, we've embedded players for both EPs after the jump, or you can head to Sense from Nonsense's Bandcamp site directly to hear them and/or download them.

<a href="">Failure Of The Red Truck by Sense From Nonsense</a>

<a href="">Yellow Bile by Sense From Nonsense</a>

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