Freeloader: March Madness mix from Audius

March is almost over, which means March Madness is almost over (though, curiously, it becomes April madness for a week or so, but whatever). But that doesn't mean it's too late to enjoy Audius's March Madness Mixset, an hour-long mix of high-energy, wobbly-bass house madness. If anything, it might help you shake off the lingering despair from seeing your bracket go down in flames for yet another year.

If you don't know the name, Audius is a local electro house DJ who works with Velcro City Records. This March promo mix wouldn't sound out of place blowing up Beta some weekend night (in fact, you can catch him there April 10, in the Beatport Lounge, as part of a Velcro City Records showcase that also features Ishe, DJ hero, Joman and DJ Vanish) -- it veers from typical electro house to dub-influenced wobbly bass and throws in occasional touches of disco and old-school rave sounds for flavor.

Audius also produces, and the mix features a number of his original productions and remixes. You can listen to it below, via the embedded player, or head over to the SoundCloud page and download it (hint: tempo and energy wise, this is a great mix to work out to).

The 2010 March Madness Mixset by Audius

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