Freeloader: "Mark Twain" new from I Am the Dot

It's a been a while since we've heard any new material from Zachary Tipton's I Am the Dot project. The last release was January's Winter EP, and although it wasn't that long ago, it seems a long time after we got used to his once-a-month schedule of releases. In any case, the wait for new material is over, as we bring you "Mark Twain" as a sneak peak of the upcoming Minimal Love EP that drops May 4 on Brother Bear Records.

The good news is "Mark Twain" is not only one of I Am the Dot's best tracks yet, it shows an interesting development of his sound. It's the same style of moody, minimalist pop but there's an added depth to this one -- it's easier than ever to get lost in it, if that makes any sense. The forthcoming EP will include "Mark Twain" alongside two other tracks, " That Golden Spiral" and the titular "Minimal Love." If they are of the same quality of this track, the EP could be his best yet.

In less-good news for I Am the Dot, Tipton has left Denver for Atlanta, Georgia. He tells us this was necessary as a temporary measure due to circumstance but assures us he'll be here frequently for Young Coyotes related reasons. While he did say that Atlanta was just "for now" he didn't specify if he'd be returning to Denver or heading to parts elsewhere. Obviously, we're crossing our fingers he'll come back here...

Download "Mark Twain" - I Am the Dot (Right click/Save-as to download)

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