Freeloader: New music from Hot White, Hideous Men and Jonathan and BPro

In conjunction with Chicago's Nail in the Coffin Records, online magazine Nitetrotter is giving away a digital version of Hot White's latest cassette release. The website -- which is also hosting a free download of Hideous Men's live studio session recorded there in April -- has the five free tracks up now from Denver's terrorizing no-wave trio, including "Pre Teen Wet Dream," which appeared as an Andrew Novick-directed video earlier this year.

If screaming women and angular guitar aren't your thing, there's also some free Denver DIY-electro floating around the Internet. Jonathan and BPro have developed a simple equation: If you "like" their Facebook page, you can get access to a free download of "Turn It Up." If the group's bouncy jams turn you on, its self-titled full-length album is also available for purchase at Wax Trax and Twist & Shout.

And finally, word on the street (or Twitter, rather) is Pictureplane's 2009 album Dark Rift will soon be available on tape via Denver cassette label Laser Palace. If and when it does materialize, 100 copies of the limited-edition album will probably move fast: Denver's trippy tastemaker is heading out on tour with Sleigh Bells in October.

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