Freeloader: New single from Ideal Fathers

Looks like Christmas has come early, in the form of a brand-new, free single from the Ideal Fathers. These two new songs -- "Tokyo Gore Police" and Guitari 2600," available for free download on the band's site -- continue not only the Fathers' tradition of saddling their tunes with killer names, but also the band's winning sound.

Both cuts (posted after the jump) also show the group isn't afraid to grow, as each tune incorporate and amplify elements -- Bauhaus-esque ambience on both, a very Big Black feeling and a few strains of synthesizer on "Guitari 2600" -- either unheard or barely present on earlier material. It doesn't hurt that the songwriting continues to progress, as do the already impressive guitar chops of Adam Rojo and the overall cohesiveness of the band. If this is a preview of a full-length -- and our fingers are crossed -- we can't wait to hear the rest of the songs. In the meantime, we'll be adding these two to our heavy rotation playlists, stat.

<a href="">Tokyo Gore Police by Ideal Fathers</a>

<a href="">Guitari 2600 by Ideal Fathers</a>

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