Freeloader: New Wentworth Kersey single

Just in time to welcome spring, Wentworth Kersey is releasing a brand-new single called "Sun and Moon." That's the good news. The great news is it heralds the upcoming arrival of a new Wentworth Kersey EP to be titled ((O)). The less-great news is that EP isn't coming until summer. Drat.

Still, the single itself is a warm, burbling track with a beautiful, melancholy hopeful vocal, a lovely acoustic guitar line and an incredible, deep, synthesized arrangement full of little touches and effects. It's a wonderful track that's in and out before you know what hit you and it sets a delightfully high bar for the upcoming EP. Based on the outfit's previous output, we have no doubt they'll deliver. We've embedded the track for you below (click through to hear it) or you can just head over to the band's Bandcamp page to get the download (it will cost you your e-mail address).

<a href="http://wentworthkersey.bandcamp.com/track/sun-and-moon">Sun and Moon by Wentworth Kersey</a>

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