Freeloader: Sneak peek of Vices I Admire's new album, The Politics of Apathy

Update: So much for getting a sneak peek of Vices I Admire's new album by merely sampling a single track. This morning, the band posted the entire album for free download on its site. Better get while the gettin's good, though. It's only going to be up for grabs for a limited time. Oh and while you're there, you might want to grab the act's first record, Plan B, which is also free for the taking. Merry Vicemas.

The last time we heard from the Vices I Admire guys, they had just ended their seemingly never ending quest for a new bassist with the addition of former Fray five-stringer Dan Battenhouse. And aside from sporadic gigs here and there, the outfit has been relatively quiet -- for good reason. The band just wrapped up work on a brand new record, The Politics of Apathy, which it recorded at Colorado Sound with JP Manza and Ian Pinder. Although the album isn't slated for release for another month and and some change, we got our hands on the first single "Sweetest Girl," which we've subsequently posted here for your downloading pleasure. Catch Vices I Admire at its CD release party on Friday, January 1 at the Bluebird Theater. [orig post: 11.20.09 08:12:37]

MP3: "Sweetest Girl," Vices I Admire

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