#FreeQuesto: Leave Questlove alone, NBC! A petition and tell the 30 Rock brass to back off!

Word on the street is the suits over at 30 Rock will now be censoring Questlove of the almighty Roots over that whole lyin' ass bitch incident with Michelle Bachmann, in which Questo subversively played the intro of Fishbone's "Lyin' Ass Bitch" as the Republican presidential candidate made her entrance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Apparently, Questlove must now reportedly clear his song choices with three different NBC executives. We're calling bullshit, NBC.

The Roots are a legendary ensemble of musicologists, instrumentalists and several damn fine MCs who have done more to change the make-up of hip-hop music than most. The fact that ?uestlove, a self-described "music snob" with all his years of immersion in the world of music and hip-hop humanity, will have to clear his song choices with the stiffs at NBC is disgusting. Supposedly he's been barred from even tweeting about the incident involving Bachmann. Tweeting!

NBC, you can't be serious.

It's as if this man didn't participate in the making of Things Fall Apart, one of the greatest hip-hop albums of the decade, yo. As you can tell, we're upset about this. What would Kanye West do? Bachmann debacle aside, to censor a musician of ?uestlove's caliber is not only senseless, it's shocking. And frankly, we're not having it.

Who are the three NBC execs Questo must get clearance from? We want to see their birth certificates -- and their iTunes receipts. If they're khaki pants-wearing, Mumford and Sons-listening mountain climbers, we're laying down the gauntlet.

We repeat: #FreeQuesto! Leave Questlove alone!

Let that man drum and produce and rock the most famous afro this side of Frederick Douglass in peace! And, Jimmy Fallon, we'd give you the hard side eye for your pansy assed, got-no-spine "@questlove is grounded" handling of the whole ordeal on Twitter, but leaving you with Jef Otte's smoldering anger will suffice.

As for Questo, if you're with us and think the brass at NBC needs to back the fuck off, sign our petition and tell The Peacock to relinquish its vice grip on the artistic swaying of one of hip-hop's most relevant saving graces.

Sign the Leave Questlove Alone! Petition

#FreeQuesto! Leave Questlove alone!

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