Fresh Colorado hip-hop from H*Wood, Myrical and ODawg, Trev Rich and Boozilla and Dae Dai

Back again here with another fresh batch of homegrown hip-hop. This week we've got a new club anthem from Myrical, a genre-blending gem from Hwood, a new cut from Trev Rich and sweet serenade from Boozilla with some help from Dae Dai. Continue on to see what's good this week.

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H*wood - "First Light" Produced by Brian Hines and Eddie Fischer of One Republic, "First Light" starts off with white noise that slowly morphs into soft guitar strums. An organ lead soon follows as H*wood inspires with his all-or-nothing approach, and YaSi brings a soulful feel to the song during the chorus.

Myrical featuring ODawg - "Get Right" Timpani drums march to quick pace, as Myrical winds up and drops into a catchy club anthem. The MC's cadence is smooth on the verse, and ODawg matches his energy seamlessly until the song peaks during the hook and Myrical really shines. The song displays a level of consistency across the board with the video, the production and its refined sound.

Trev Rich - "Pain" Trev Rich drops the second video from his latest project Heights 3. A drunken reversed-sample starts the song off with Trev chanting, "You don't want to be sober no more." The snare breaks through the slow start of the song, and the second half of the cut features a wompy bass line that changes the pace of the song nicely. The song's concept centers on the battle someone goes through being addicted to drugs and turning to other forms of pleasures that "make the pain go away."

Boozilla featuring Dae Dai - "Baby" Boozilla teams up with veteran R&B voice Dae Dai for a Valentine's Day release. The production is anchored by a grand piano and Dae Dai's vocals, resulting in a good mixture of contemporary R&B and hard lyrics. Boozilla adds realism to the track, rhyming with personal insight about the plight of relationships. The second verse features a solo from the singer that brings the song home.

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