Fresh Colorado hip-hop from Logistixx, Myrical, SP Double and High Class

We're back with another batch of fresh local hip-hop. This week, Logistixx, of the fusion group Drop Switch, has dropped a video for his single, "Dreams," off of his New Paradigm LP, Myrical and labelmate Jasmine Love team up for a real easy listen called "Motivated" from his album of the same name, SP Double's brings fire on his new single "My Crown," and a new group, High Class, consisting of PIKE and Dreem, get alternative with a remix of Danish artist MØ.

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Logistixx - "Dreams" Logistixx has an extremely sophisticated flow -- seemingly formless stream-of-consciousness as if it were off the dome, but much better written. In "Dreams," the flow is wholly unpredictable and thus fully engaging. The story Logistixx tells is detailed and full of images that stick around, the type of lyrics that reward with more listens. The beat is pure '90s bliss. Tell them haters to swallow.

Myrical - "Motivated" featuring Jasmine Love Myrical delivers an impassioned couple of verses with focus and clarity, helped in no small part by the simple but effective kinetic typography. The lyrics here are simple but have an understated, assured style: "Stay so authentic/Flow wet like I dove off in it." The Jasmine Love hook is cliché, but it sounds nice. This is a well-executed recipe for Myrical.

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Noah Hubbell

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