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Fresh Colorado hip-hop from Slam 1 with Tech N9NE, Trev Rich, TC Crook and Boss Goodie

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Alright, we've got another fresh batch of local hip-hop for you. Hope you're ready. We've got a Slam 1 collab with Tech N9ne from the Last Dragon mixtape, Trev Rich, the rapper formerly known as Rockie, reaches for new heights on a cut called "Top of the World," TC Crook laughs his hater's off, and newcomer Boss Goodie takes "Giant" steps. Keep reading to hear what's good this week.

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Slam 1 - "Illa" feat Tech N9ne & Freeze Slam 1 flips a song from his mixtape, Versatility Locker , with a new verse, which is just as sharp lyrically as the first version, adding Regime member Freeze for The Last Dragon. The song is pure hip-hop with raw lyricism and Denver's DJ Staxx adds cuts to the song. Tech N9ne delivers the best verse with a rapid fire verse and a shout to Colorado as he inaugurates the new Dragon member, Slam 1.

Trev Rich - "Top Of the World" The beat jumps off with heavy organ keys that simulates a choir before Trev Rich expresses his feelings about his home city and struggles within the music game on his latest track from his Last Forever EP. Trev takes a shot at past unnamed business associates and offers up some witty wordplay about his own insomnia before falling into a celebratory chorus of his recent successes. Despite the very simple nature of the beat, Trev's confidence is unmistakable on this track, which makes it memorable.

TC Crook - "My Haters" One of Denver's great producers drops an anthem all about his doubters. The auto-tune heavy song marks a different sound for TC than he usually serves up, but it works well with the club style production. The cut is driven by the trap sounding high-hats and a rapid synthesizer lead with TC doing his best Kayne impression on the vocals. Snappy and catchy, the track is an interesting listen.

Boss Goodie - "Giant" Appearing as a submission for Coast 2 Coast Mixtape 235, "Giant" finds Boss Goodie dropping a heavyweight sounding street track. The Aurora native's voice is appealing and fresh over the trap beat, even though the track is typical street fodder about balling and so forth.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.