Fresh hip-hop from Zome, Nyke Nitti and A.Fox in this week's rap round-up

Got a fresh batch of steaming hot hip-hop for you this week coming straight outta the Mile High City. On deck, we've got a new video from Zome for a track called "So Legit," featuring Tony Brown, Julox and A.V.I.U.S. from Prime Element, that is just that. We've also got new music from Nyke Nitti, Mo Heat-produced joint from his new album, and a new cut from A.Fox, who wants to get you high with "Smoke Sessions." Denver hip-hop and it don't stop. Page down to get the drop.

Zome's video, directed by Blurred Pictures, is going to make you long for summer. Wrapped around shots of a hip-hop family BBQ, interspersed with shots of Julox standing tall, rapping about "smoking pine sticks," this joint is well done and lets the song take center stage. Check for the long shot of A.V.I.U.S. as he gives a powerful presence before coming in with his verse.

Nyke Nitti enlists the help of his brother, producer Mo Heat, for the single "Mile High," which features B.Blacc singing on the hook. At first, it's hard to get past the super electronic energy in the production to feel Nyke's lyrics, but once you do, you'll hear the passion for his city in the MC's voice. B.Blacc's vocals bolster's the track's warm tone.

A.Fox basks in the ethereal production of Davey Boy on his smoker's track, "Smoke Session." The most impressive thing about this track is Fox's singing on the hook, no doubt. Using easy, laid back verses to show off his ode to Mary Jane, Fox weaves in and out of the light production with ease.

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