Fresh local hip-hop from BLKHRTS, Subculture Icons, Mr. Midas with SP Double and more

We've got a slew of new hip-hop to share with you this week: BLKHRTS collaborate with Rockie and Innerstate Ike on FOE's joint, "My Team Winning"; Six O'Clock and friends, meanwhile, represent the underground with their Mobb Deep/Alchemist-esque joint as Subculture Icons; Fort Collins MC Moss gets his drunk textin' game on; and DJ Cavem is back from Africa and sent over footage of his travels. We also have a new track from B. Blacc and Nyke Nitti called "Weed Em Out," and a new cut from Mr. Midas produced by SP Double.

BLKHRTS bring Rockie and Innerstate Ike into the BLK fray for this joint, "My Team Winning," and the results are brilliant. FOE rides the beat with ridiculous proficiency, while Rockie sounds positively dope alongside both Ike and Foe. Innerstate Ike compares himself to Biggie while shouting out damn near every 'hood in the city.

Subculture Icons, the collaboration with Six O'Clock, Contact, Jus-1 and Joey War give it all they've got with this song, "2nd II None," and they do an excellent job displaying their rap chemistry. The cut is reminiscent of underground, backpack and New York rap, and, quite frankly, we love it. Check for the crew rhyming about Supreme Mathematics and more than one Raekwon-styled flow.

Moss's take on drunk texting kind of lacks originality, yet the heavy piano intro (production by Pete Ryan) makes the track sound immediately pleasurable. With slightly clunky vocals on the hook, Moss tells the story of punch-drunk love with authenticity.

DJ Cavem is back from his travels abroad and has sent over his footage of being in Africa, spreading the message of green foods and organic gardening. The MC was interviewed by a television network about his work as a Denver rapper, and there are photos of his journey interspersed throughout the clip. Check it.

This joint, "Weed Em Out," which features Nyke Nitti and was produced by S.O., will be featured on B. Blacc's R&B EP, Ready. Filmed by 8ght Tha Sk8, this video has the guys calling out whack behavior in the scene and the people who participate in that whackness and getting those dudes out of your circle.

Mr. Midas pretty much kills this SP Double-produced joint, "Story to Tell," with descriptions that are vivid and stirring. Midas stretches his flow and gets personal with tales of tragedies he's experienced on what is quite possibly one of his best joints. The chemistry between MC and producer is undeniable. Check for the Biggie influence at the end of the track when Midas walks the listener through the stories he's describing in his rhymes.

Brittney Jones, poetry-writing protégée of DJ Quote, released a brief clip of her a cappella piece, "Move Around." From a rap perspective, Brittney's game is fierce and her tongue is sharp. Other clips we've seen of her have been grimier than this, but she gets her point across with attitude and charisma. We like this.

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