Fresh local hip-hop from D'Girl, ProCyse and Stephen Herrera, the Kool Crue and King NiCO

Another fresh batch of local hip-hop this week: D'Girl brings in a few of her homegirls on her latest video for "Sex Show," ProCyse lets his flow loose over a laid-back beat, the Kool Crue spits lines over Drake's "Headlines," and we introduce you to a fresh new face in the roundup, King NiCO. Page down to get the drop on this week's goodness.

D'Girl brings in Myrical, Jazmine Love, Landy and a slew of cameos for "Sex Show." On this track, the bombshell known as D'Girl details how she likes it and how she likes to give it, with sexy details and vivid imagery. We're really feeling Landy's flow on this joint and love the girl-power sexy collaboration. Listen for Myrical's "cooler than cool" verse.

The collaboration between ProCyse and Stephen Herrera on Follow the Leader is pretty dope overall, and a standout cut is most definitely "Rest of the Night." The production is Flying Lotus-esque, with sizzling electronic lines cutting through the 808s that keep the joint laid-back. ProCyse smashes his verses, which sound like they were written as a journal entry; he looks at his life through his past mistakes and determines that it's all good. We like this one.

The Kool Crue raps over the beat Drake used for "Headlines," and the rendition is a little bit more party-centric than the original. The video is chock-full of Ciroc, pretty girls and party shenanigans. The Crue does a nice job of remixing the song: Although the flow is still Drake's, the guys' raps are dope and more interesting vocally than on other cuts they've put out. Dig it.

King NiCO gives a go at creating a smoker's anthem, comparing sex acts with a woman to how high he gets off that Mary Jane. It might take a minute to make it through the slightly repetitive hook to get to the underlying rhymes, but the song is clever, and NiCO ain't bad on the microphone. This cut is from his Fuck Yo Couch: Tha Mixtape project. Yup.

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