Fresh local hip-hop from J.Rebelz, Dope City, LKeys and Morningstar featuring Jaz-O

Another fresh batch of local hip-hop. This week we've got J.Rebelz reflecting on her childhood, the members of Dope City proclaiming that they will never go broke, "The Originator" Jaz-O blessing a track by Morningstar, and Lkeys teaming up with the Squizzy Gang's Trev Rich. Continue on to hear what's good.

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J. Rebelz - "Back in the Day" J.Rebelz raps with the kind of conviction that immediately enthralls. Her latest single is a prime example of that, as she reminisces about her childhood over a melodic soul-sampling SP Double beat. She uses interesting stories to bring the track to life, musing on the missing father figure in her life or the first paycheck she got at fourteen, screaming "Fuck you very much, public school system!" Rebelz uses a form of assonance at the end of each line in a classic hip-hop style.

Dope City Ent - "Music Like Dope" The beat, produced by Colorado Springs Kashmir Royale, jumps off with a pulsing digital beep that falls perfectly into a sped-up vocal sample that gets stuck in your head: "I ain't never going broke/I ain't gotta do shit/Music like dope, verse worth a whole brick." Most of the rhymes are drug-related and superficial, but the cadence of each member of Dope City fits the track nicely. Tommy Brown has the most interesting delivery, stressing the vowels in each word.

Morning Star, featuring Jaz-O - "Down Down" Jaz-O, the Marcy Projects MC known as "The Originator," blesses a few tracks produced by MF Two, including this one, featuring Morning Star. Jaz-O is 45, but here he sounds like 25, with a flow that's youthful, smooth and fast-paced. Morning Star almost outshines Jaz with an intro verse that utilizes an internal rhyme style, saying, "No kidding, I'm winning, been in so many fine women, call me Goldie." The beat is street, with a chopped organ, bells and a funky bass line used as a lead -- perfect for beating in the ride.

LKeys, featuring Trev Rich - "Juice" On "Juice," the Squizzy Gang teammates drop a very interesting track, playing off the 1993 movie of the same name. The beat is driven by a slap synth-bass and a repetitive clap that takes the place of a snare. This track is made specifically for the clubs. Trev Rich only shows up on the chorus, but, memorably, he proclaims, "I got the juice now," while L-Keys asserts, "Niggas make it rain, I make it Hurricane Sandy."

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