Fresh local hip-hop from King FOE, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Spoke In Wordz and more

This week's rap roundup is full of drugs, nostalgia, soul samples and rapping producers.

King Foe

's latest video from


, "Foe" handles the drug end of things, while

Wheelchair Sports Camp

takes you back to when you things were simple,

Spoke In Wordz

takes aim at hip-hop's authenticity with his new track,

Cola DivaLyrics

and company kidnap a bunch of fools for their latest video, and

Kid Hum

gets busy with

Offly Nice

. They rap. We wrap it up for you.

For his latest video leading up to the release of Junkie, King Foe sticks to his usual theme of drugs and bitches. Check for the King smoking herb and spitting lyrics about not giving a fuck. Junkie shit, yo.

Spoke In Wordz also keeps it consistent for his track, "Cross Roads," from DNA, his latest release. With a tenacious flow and targeted rhymes, he takes aim at maturity in rap with a not-so-nice approach.

Wheelchair Sports Camp takes you back to when you were a kid, with MC Kalyn Heffernan's sentimental rap lyrics about knowing who you are and where you're from. The video concept is cool, and the production definitely calls to mind sunny days in the park.

Cola Divalyrics, Jessica Jones and Harold Jamez come together for "Who's Next," shot by the Emergency Room video team. The theme of throwing fools in your trunk is a bit overdone, but the three do what they came to do, and Jessica's vocals mesh well with the verses from the MCs.

Kid Hum is rapping, and you should know about it. Typically the man behind the production boards, Hum has a collaboration with Offly Nice called the Sixth Grade, which finds the Kid showing off his rap skills. The reissue of One Takes & Blunt Breaks has hit the waves, and the track "Sunny Screwed Up Day" is dope like cooked crack.

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