Fresh local hip-hop from ProCyse and Fo Chief, Zome and James Ray in this week's That's a Rap

It's that time of the week again when we bring you the freshest hip-hop to come out of the Mile High City. This week, we've got cuts from ProCyse and Fo Chief, a pairing that's ripe with new possibilities; Zome, who is coming straight outta the Z-Funk era; and James Ray who takes the reggae approach.

ProCyse and Fo Chief (Chief of Fresh Breath Committee) have released a collaborative album called Nothing Even Matters, and the track called "Perseverance," featuring McBig House and Paul Junior, is a standout offering. House slaughters the mike first while Paul Junior spits metaphors about eating MCs. Kontrast gets busy on the cut as well. Fo Chief turns out the tracks healthiest verse, while ProCyse brings up the rear with some solid lyrics.

Zome is releasing a funky project titled the Z-Funk Era, and from the sounds of the first release, "It's All Yours," featuring Luke Skyy, this is something even your parents would like. The production is wildly electronic and soulful, the rapping is high-energy, and the images conjured up throughout the first listen will surely be gangsta whitewalls and disco balls.

James Ray, one-half of Aires Jackson, brings us "Paradise," a song featuring the reggae tones and vocals of Spellbinder. The overall premise here is that good music is true utopia. Ray tells his story with convincing vigor over the 800 the Jewell production, and Spellbinder's searing vocal repetitions bring the sounds of the steel drums to the forefront, effectively stealing the track.

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