Fresh local hip-hop from the Foodchain, Prime Element and more

Good day and good rap! This week we have a ton of fresh local hip-hop for you, some new videos, some new cuts and some new faces. We've got new videos from the Foodchain, TC Crook, Babah Fly, as well as a sneak peek at Prime Element's new clip for "Listen Up," and new tracks from newcomers Jahni Denver and Izm White. Page down to get the drop on this week's That's a Rap!

The Foodchain's video for "Groove" from their Brunch release, pretty much features the crew mobbing through the cheese steak spot on Broadway acting like hooligans. The theatrics are cool, and it's kind of nice seeing the guys wild out a bit.

Prime Element ("the ones you seem to bet against") offer a glimpse of their next video for "Listen Up." From the looks of it, A.V.I.U.S. is coming out the gate swinging with his rhymes, and his boys Es-Nine and Cysko Rokwel are right there to back him up. Video by Konsequence.

This is perhaps our favorite track out of the bunch, "Green Bag Music," by newcomer Izm White, who brings this smoker's anthem together quite nicely with some help from Mr. Midas. He may be new on the scene, the but the cat can really, really rap.

Can't Hold Me Down by Jahni Denver on Grooveshark

Jahni Denver, meanwhile, checks in with "Can't Hold Me Down," which boasts a heavily Auto-Tuned chorus and lyrics that are poignant and personal. Here the rapper talks about tough times and turning tragedy to triumph through his pained rhymes. Good stuff from a newer face to the rap round-up.

Babah Fly's video for "Mos High" is clips of Babah rocking the stage with his crew, spitting rhymes about being "sharper than King Kong," and as always, breaking down barriers while keeping it super hip-hop. Respect.

Finally, we have a new track from TC Crook, "Life of the Party," which is best played at loud volumes while pouring yourself a drink. This one's chock-full of Patron references, calls for kush and "the hoes love us" bragging rights. Go on and press play.

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