Fresh, new, local hip-hop for you from the likes of FOE, D.Girl, Whygee, and Aires Jackson

Another week in the Mile High City, another fresh batch of new local hip-hop. As per usual, the scene has been putting in work to keep the wheels of creation rotating with rhythmic, thought provoking lyrics and trunk-banging beats. This week, we've got new tracks from FOE, D.Girl, Whygee and Aires Jackson. It's a mixed bag: There's some stellar rapping, a little bit of controversy and some pussy anthems. Click through to hear what's in store.

FOE teams up with producer Lokon for the song, "Loaded Gun," from a collaborative project due out in October called, The WestSide of Your Brain. From a production standpoint, this is a different lane for FOE, but he does well over the John O'Callaghan and Sarah Howells sample, with Lokon coming in for the second verse.

D.Girl, meanwhile, has her hands up high, mostly so you can see the diamonds blinging off her wrist, but also because she's absolutely unstoppable. "Bad Bitch" from her latest mixtape, Mascara Music, implies she rules the men -- and anyone else, for that matter. Oh yeah, and she also says she has a "million dollar pussy." You're welcome.

The polar opposite to D.Girl's swagger this week is Whygee. On "Cold Life," a new cut featuring Suave from the forthcoming One Hot Week in July, Whygee chops it up about how rap is under the weather and has been for some time, and how the theatrics and ridiculous antics from rappers actually make him sick. Ha. Produced by the ProProspek, this one is nice and chock full of metaphors that make the track worthy of a rewind.

The last track in this week's That's a Rap is from Aires Jackson. The clip "Sports & Entertainment," which features Haven, comes with a video that's not what you think. With clips and images explaining the woes of ghetto life interspersed with the lines being spit from each of the guys, the video takes aim at those who "don't wanna read a book, all they want is a good hook." Both the song and video are provocative, and that seems to be the point.

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