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Friday Rap-Up:, Eminem, 50 Cent, Common

Locals Only: Beatsource launches a “hip-hop iTunes”

It’s been the talk of the town for the last several months but has finally launched and features a few local artists as well. Based here in Denver, is an online hip-hop music store that targets DJs and features classic and new hip-hop. And yes, local hip-hop artists are encouraged to sell their music through the site. As of the site’s launch late last week, Denver artists featured on the site include Playalitical, Spoke In Wordz, DJ Vajra, Don Blas and Melissa Lujan. But DJ Chonz,’s Label Manager, stresses that the music has to be top-notch.

“We’re open to accepting music from Colorado hip-hop artists, but it has to be quality music,” Chonz said. “We’re not just taking anything. But it's a chance to be heard worldwide, to be in front of the most passionate music lovers - DJs.”

Think you got that fire? Submit your music to Chonz at [email protected] and see if you can get that money!

Eminem writing autobiography

A U.K.-based media outlet announced that Eminem was planning on releasing his autobiography this fall, titled Eminem: The Way I Am through Orion Books. But according to Em’s rep, Dennis Dennehy, the rapper is hard at work on the book, butno official schedule for release has been announced.

"While there is a book in the works from Eminem in which he details certain aspects of his personal and professional life, the book is still in the process of being written and edited," Dennehy said in a statement. "There is no firm release date scheduled, although it is anticipated to arrive in the latter part of this year."

There’s still no word if Em is going to release or even record a new album in the near future. Don’t we already know about most of his life anyway?

50 Cent Loses $21 million lawsuit

Earlier this week, 50 Cent lost a lawsuit that was filed back in 2003 by a photographer who claims he was assaulted by 50 and his bodyguards. According to the suit, New York Post photographer Jim Alcorn attempted to take pictures of 50 Cent as he left a Manhattan jewelry store. One of 50’s crew “cross-checked” Alcorn into a black Chevy Suburban waiting for the rapper. Then another of seven men, who had a cast on his arm, hit him on the head, knocking him to the street. The men then stood over the photographer laughing, before speeding off, leaving the injured man on the street. The suit said that Alcorn suffered “severe and serious injuries, mental shock, and psychological trauma,” and was rushed to a hospital where he was treated for neck and jaw injuries. The lawsuit was settled shortly after proceedings this week and, while Alcorn sued for $21 million, a dollar amount was not revealed. Alcorn’s lawyer said that his client was “satisfied” with the settlement. Good way to make some money, take a pic of 50, get beat up, then sue.

Common plans new album for November

There were rumors going around the industry that there was a little tiff between Common and his boy Kanye West because they always release albums in the same year and end up competing for awards and sales. Well, Common is about to switch it up and is planning to release his next album this fall.

"I'm looking around November," he told MTV News. "I'm working on a new album called The Believer. I'm just getting in the mode. I been touring a lot and been working on verses here and there. Now, I'm starting to get focused on the album, letting it take its shape. And at the same time [I'll] be working on films, God willing."

As far as his acting career, you can catch Com soon in Street Kings with Keanu Reeves, Wanted with Angelina Jolie, and he’s just been cast as The Green Lantern in the upcoming superhero flick, Justice League.


Nicolay & Kay Time: Line Producer Nicolay got his start by posting his beats on, then making an album with Little Brother’s Phonte, and now he has a full-fledged hip-hop career. Kay is an up-and-coming rapper who’s put in work in the Houston, Texas underground. Expect Nicolay’s laid back melodic beats, but don’t expect the typical Southern hip-hop from Kay, he has a style all his own.

KRS-One Adventures in Emceein’ KRS is still proving to these hip-hop youngins that he can rock the mic without using old hits. For his new album he’s called upon MC Lyte, Chuck D, and some up-and-comers to give hip-hop heads another fresh batch of readily made street tracks.

Akrobatik Absolute Value Boston’s Akrobatik has been an underground hip-hop favorite ever since releasing the scorching Internet Emcees back in 1999. He’s been putting in work as a solo artist and as one-third of The Perceptionists for the last several years and his new album continues in the real hip-hop tradition. The album features appearances from Chuck D, Talib Kweli and B Real (of Cypress Hill).

-- Quibian Salazar-Moreno

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