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Friday Rap-Up: Spoke In Wordz, Kanye West, The Game, Eminem, XXL Magazine


Spoke In Wordz is one of the best emcees out of Denver and his album Word Play was one of the hottest local releases of the year. But just so you can familiarize yourself with how Spoke gets down, here’s a taste from the album Take a Breather.

Kanye’s mother’s autopsy finished

Two months after the death of Kanye West’s mother, Donda West, the medical examiners who performed the autopsy said that she died of heart disease and “multiple postoperative factors,” according to the AP. But a coroner’s report said that they could not determine how these factors contributed to her death after the breast reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction.

The report also said they found normal levels of medication her body as well as no internal bleeding, which lets her operating doctor Dr. Jan Adams off the hook for responsibility of her death. So basically, the doctors are saying she died from a pre-existing condition and a heart attack, but could possibly be alive now if she didn’t undergo the plastic surgery. Go figure.

The Game wants $44K from LAPD

On February 4, rapper The Game will head to an L.A. court to face weapons charges (what else is new?), but apparently the judge isn’t too happy about how the LAPD is treating the rap star. The L.A. County Superior court judge is considering holding the LAPD in contempt of court over $44,000 they took from the rapper.

The LAPD confiscated the cash during a criminal investigation last year, but The Game won a motion requiring for the cops give the loot back. The rapper's attorney says the police are refusing to release. The judge will decide if the cops are in contempt on January 22.

Eminem hung out at the hospital over holidays

According to Eminem’s record label, the rapper had pneumonia over the holidays and spent sometime in a Detroit hospital. He was released shortly after and recuperated at his home.

There were rumors going around that Eminem was also depressed, is weighing over 200 pounds, and spends his days gaming and eating. In an interview with the UK’s The Sun newspaper, Em’s mother Debbie Nelson is worried about her son’s health.

“I fear for him every waking moment,” she told The Sun. “Since childhood he’s suffered bouts of pneumonia. He’s always had throat infections and he’s asthmatic. His diet can’t help. I worry about his health all the time. He’s always had high blood pressure and his cholesterol levels must be sky high. He orders fillet steak takeout from an expensive restaurant almost every evening.”

Looks like we won’t be getting a new album anytime soon, eh?

XXL Magazine editor fired

When The Source magazine lost all of its credibility in the late 90s and early 2000s, XXL Magazine and its Editor-In-Chief, Elliott Wilson, was there to pick up the slack. But with slagging sales and dipping ad revenues, XXL publishers decided to give Wilson the axe.

Deputy Editor, Vanessa Satten, is currently filling the vacant EIC spot while parent company Harris Publications searches for a new head man or woman.


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