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Frogs Gone Fishin's trailer gets robbed forcing band to cancel tour

I'm convinced that there's a special place in hell reserved for bottom feeders who steal other people's stuff, particularly musical equipment. If there's any sort of justice in this often times god forsaken universe, it's in a grimy, rat-infested, shit smeared place shared by those who rip off the elderly, exploit children and harm defenseless animals for their own amusement.

It brings me great pain to bring you word of yet another robbery in our music community. Hot on the heels of thefts endured by the likes of Hideous Men, Boonie Mayfield and our own Andy Thomas this year, and countless scores of others in past years, including Ghost Buffalo and Tickle Me Pink, we can now add the members of Frogs Gone Fishin' to the unfortunate list of those who've been gaffled.

And the timing of this particular heist couldn't be any more aggravating (not that there's ever a convenient time to have your stuff pilfered). The Frog brigade was just preparing to hit the road on a two-week tour, which has since been canceled, when their trailer was broken into and a bunch of their merch and gear was absconded with. See a full list of the missing gear after the jump. Here's to hoping the guys have serial numbers for their stuff.


1 - BR12M 12" Yamaha monitor 1 -QSC rsx1450 power amp 1 -QSC rsx2450 power amp

1 - Mackie CFX12 mixer 1 - large road case 1 -small road case

Merch Box with at least 20 CDs and 20 T-shirts

- SKB Rolling Hardware Case - Filled with Yamaha Double Braced Hardware - Two boom stands, 1 tri-hole mount w/mini boom and tom mount, 2 snare stands, floor tom legs, and hi-hat stand - Also vintage ludwig floor tom legs and bass drum spikes

- Humes & Berg Padded Enduro 12"x9" hard tom case w/ 12" x 9" plum maple Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute tom inside

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