From Blonde to Black: When DJs Attack

On Monday night, while I was enjoying the turntable stylings of

DJ Hot to Death

(aka the Monolith Music Festival's Matt Fecher) and those of his co-horts for the evening, Heather Powell Browne (writer of

the "I Am Fuel, You Are Friends" music blog
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), and

Nathan and Patrick Meese

at the Larimer Lounge, I had the pleasure of meeting

DJ Rex Buchanan

, a talented DJ and producer who has been spinning around Boulder and Denver for years. He was with Jacob Bond, another producer who creates wicked remixes and other tasty electronic snacks under the name

Satan's Eighties Lovechild

, Matt Loui (whose DJ/producer moniker is

Chicks at the Mall)

, and Rob Halgren (aka 

Funky Thunder Stuff

). Together, these four accomplished electroheads have formed a rock band called From Blonde to Black. The quartet's songs are still coming together, and need to mature a bit, but Buchanan indicates that they're just about ready to start playing some live shows. Keep an eye out for dates. In the meantime, check out From Blonde to Black's electronic rock on

the band's MySpace page

. I recommend "Black Pony" and "The Ballad of Johnny."

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