Further Proof That Denver Culture Is Taking Over: Nathaniel Rateliff All Over Your TV

If you're in Denver, odds are you spent last weekend closely following the Broncos World Championship team (or, alternately, avoiding sports bars and casual conversation, tucked away at home, hiding from the Orange Crush). Meanwhile, another squad of hometown heroes was being broadcast across television screens nationwide: Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats.

The band, which is about to head out on a European tour before returning to grace the stage at Red Rocks, appeared on both The Tonight Show and Austin City Limits Live

Now that the confetti has settled and the Lombardi trophy is being safely polished somewhere, you have time to revel in the glory of Denver music broadcast far and wide. The taped performances, below, are just fantastic. Between the Roots backing the band and the Night Sweats rocking out on ACL's hallowed stage, both videos are worth watching. After you finish replaying those Super Bowl highlights, of course.


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