George & Caplin preparing an album of infinite loops. Not entirely sure what that means, but we're excited.

Intriguing word out of the George & Caplin camp: Secluded Malls & Scenic Byways, the outfit's next release, will reportedly be issued as a two-CD set. Any G&C release is cause for excitement, but this one especially so. As we understand it, the second disc is going to comprise a set of tracks that form an infinite loop.

Color us excited about this one. We're not entirely certain what the second CD will entail exactly, but the idea of a set of tracks forming an infinite loop is making our brains ache with thoughts of Eno on repeat. The news comes on the heals of word that the duo were recording a few months ago utilizing a Borroughsian manifesto that included the likes of space suits and cowboy boots. The pair also recently said, "Keyboards are kin to banjos and slide guitars are genetically the same as samplers," if that helps give you any idea which direction the act is headed.

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