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In Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest, Cary Grant plays Roger Thornhill, an advertising executive who gets kidnapped by a bunch of spies convinced that he's an elusive figure named George Kaplan. Longtime friends and Hitchcock fans Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens and Jason Fredrick Iselin borrowed their moniker from the film — changing the spelling a wee bit, of course, to George&Caplin. Judging from the title of the duo's latest effort, Stevens and Iselin went back to the well. On He Really Got Through to Advertising (due for release this Friday, June 8, at the hi-dive), the pair — with the help of collaborators Corey Ryan, Joe Hanson and Robin Rozum — have created a warm and fuzzy electro-acoustic nirvana of sorts. Advertising is flush with layers of synths interspersed with acoustic guitars, trumpet, flute and even a harmonica. If Sofia Coppola were commissioned to translate the works of Hitchcock for the modern era, George&Caplin would surely provide the soundtrack. Catch the act's latest epic (and the new disc is epic, folks) this Friday, with special guest stars Nathan & Stephen, Joe Sampson and Cacheflow.
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