George&Caplin remix EP available

A few months ago, we were excited to hear that ambient lo-fi electro-pop act George&Caplin had a remix EP forthcoming on Plastic Sound Supply. This weekend, it hit and it's quite nice. The EP revisits just over half of the group's last release, He Really Got Through to Advertising, and puts it in the hands of CacheFlowe, Equulei, Scaffolding and Colortone Library for reconstruction.

CacheFlowe offers a glitchy dubstep rub of the title track and Equulei vivisects "Highway Driveway" and welds its guts onto a dark, heavy alien breakbeat with shards of noise. Then, saving the best for last, Scaffolding goes all old-school Warp IDM on "Horse Fair 132," turning the relatively forgettable track into something pretty special, while Colortone Library's remix of "Bluff Lake Forgotten" elevates the tune into the glorious blast of ambient shoegaze it was always meant to be. The only real complaints are that the whole thing is over too soon, and no one tackled the album's best track, "Nebraska Broadcasters."

You can listen to the whole thing, and find a link to buy it via iTunes, on the EP's Plastic Sound Supply page. And if this release has whet your appetite for more G&C, stay tuned: the group has a new album coming out early next year.

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