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George&Caplin's next disc gets release date, video contest giveaway plus details on next Wentworth Kersey

The next George&Caplin disc, Scenic Byways and Secluded Malls/Requiem for an Encyclopedia, has an official release date -- on August 13 you'll get to hear the "bootgazing vaquero manifesto" inspired double album. One disc is traditional songs, the second, a series of infinitely repeatable loops you can play in any order (more on that here and here). And that's not all -- the act is giving away a hundred copies via an innovative video contest.

On the disc's release date (August 13, remember?) George&Caplin will release a video. In that video will be a hidden telephone number. Enterprising types who manage to ferret the number out of the video can text their address to the number and receive, as if by magic, a free copy of the album in their mailbox. The video will stay up for a week, or until all hundred copies are given away. Pretty cool, eh? Look for the video here on Westword (supposing it's embeddable anyway) on or shortly after that date.

Coming hot on heels of that release is the latest EP from Wentworth Kersey, the collaboration between George&Caplin's Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens and Joe Kersey Sampson of Bad Weather California and other fine acts. The tentative release window for ((O)) (the final release in the series) is late August/early September and the plan is to give away copies free at St. Mark's with a coffee purchase and to run a similar video/secret phone number promotion.

Following that will be a CD release show in September or October where you can (presumably) give them real, American dollars for a copy of the disc if you don't like coffee and/or texting your address to ambient/Americana electronic-folk acts.

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