Get amped for the show with this killer Tauntaun flier

How cool is this week's flier pick? To really see the awesome level of detail on this puppy, you need the ginormous file we received -- scroll down to see a larger version.

But that doesn't mean you can't still see that it kicks ass. Nothing says rock and roll like a big-ass stack of amps, and thus it follows that nothing says rock and roll show like a flier made out of a big-ass stack of amps. And that lineup of Tauntaun, Git Some, the Knew and Il Cattivo? Pretty goddamn rock and roll, so this flier is a perfect fit.

Not much else to say about this one -- it's a cool flier, it's the kind of thing you're definitely going to stop and look at/pick up when you see a stack of them laying around, and it fits the bands it advertises to a T. Thus, it is made out win and easily grabbed the top spot among this week's fliers. Nothing left to do but head down to the Gothic this Friday, September 17, tell them how awesome it is and have your face melted by rock and roll.

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