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While the bulk of the Wu Tang Clan generally adopts a bullets-can't-touch-us-because-of-our-Shaolin-sorcery approach to hip-hop, Ghostface Killah -- in a Diddy-esque turn, now going as just Ghostface -- has always been more of a if-you-shank-me-do-I-not-bleed kind of guy. Although Ghostface is not short on braggadocio or mad crazy, provocative, stoopid wizardry -- he made an appearance on the recent Danger Mouse/MF Doom collaboration and is teaming up with Doom for his next full-length album -- the rapper's vulnerability has always set him apart from the Clan's Iron Flag. Who else but Ghost could weep, "What the fuck is going on?/I can't go to sleep/Feds jumping out their jeeps/I can't go to sleep/Babies with flies on their cheeks/It's hard to go to sleep," then lyrically smoke someone before howling for an ambulance? Expect rugged soul-baring mashed with Wu guerrilla anthems when Ghost hits the stage after opening acts Swollen Members and Black Pegasus.
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Adam Cayton-Holland