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Ginkins getting back together for a proper farewell later this summer

Guess who recently resurfaced after having unceremoniously dropped off the radar for the better part of the last year? If you said David McGhee -- wait, what? How'd you know? Oh, he's already been in touch? Yeah, he's good like that. Good dude. A little quirky, but a good dude, nonetheless.

Tom Murphy pretty much nailed it when he wrote about McGhee's band at the time, Goodbye Timebomb, a few years back. "No one burns bridges with as much unwitting determination as Goodbye Time Bomb's David McGhee -- except for maybe Roky Erickson and Daniel Johnston," Tom's piece began. "In many circles, McGhee may be considered persona non grata for his eccentric antics," he went on. "On and off stage, he can come across as needy, fragile and on the verge of coming off the rails."

If you've ever met David, you know exactly what Tom's talking about. I'll never forget the first time I met him. It was at a show at the hi-dive maybe four or five years ago. He came up to me during the show, and -- I shit you not -- kept handing me handwritten notes. Well, they weren't really notes, actually. They were scraps of folded paper containing the names of numerous local bands he was excited about, complete with links to their respective MySpace pages. I'd like to think that he jotted them down just for my benefit, but turns out, he had a pocket filled with them.

And then once he made my acquaintance, as they say, dude phoned me up and stopped by regularly like we were old pals. Again, I'd like to think it was me, but he does that with everybody. He's got this capriciousness about him like a kid that makes his quirks forgivable. And his quirky exuberance makes its way into his music. It's funny that Tom drew a comparison to Daniel Johnston, because that's more or less what David's music kind of reminds me of, Daniel Johnston covering Bleach-era Nirvana. And like David, at first its sort of grating, but after a bit it becomes oddly captivating and endearing.

Listen for yourself. McGhee has set up a bandcamp page containing all of his music. There you'll find Goodbye Timbomb's This May Break Your Heart, 7 Songs About People We Know by the Milkshakes, as well as demos from that band and Ginkins, his latest combo, who recorded an seven-song EP titled Finding Emo in 2005 that never saw the light of day until now. To commemorate making all this music available, McGhee is planning to reconvene with his former Ginkins bandmates to play a proper farewell show sometime this summer.

<a href="">Pay Day by Goodbye Timebomb</a>

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