Girls Rock Denver 2012: The ladies of our local scene teach a new generation of girls how to rock

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Last week, Girls Rock Denver put on its annual summer camp and finale showcase at the Oriental Theater. Over the course of a week, fifty girls ages eight to eighteen formed ten bands -- some working with instruments for the very first time -- and created an original song together. Along the way, there were workshops on important women in music, self-esteem and stage presence, DIY merchandise and more.

Led by members of Denver's music community, the workshops were led by the women of Dangerous Nonsense, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Le Divorce, Sara Century, Lust-Cats of the Gutters, Night of Joy, Sauna and more. All of the ladies participated in making rock and roll a reality for the younger girls. For a first-hand account of the 2012 Girls Rock Denver camp experience, visit our Show and Tell blog for this week's installment of Breeality Bites, my column (excerpted below):

"That night, my own band played a show at some sort of derivative of a biker bar -- the place was plastered with images of almost-naked women with dead eyes and beer logos for nipple covers. We were bumped down in the line-up in order for the touring band to get the night's "prime spot," one that definitely gave them the advantage of a bigger crowd to laugh at a spray of rape jokes.

But being a woman who has made it her mission to play music while remaining innocuous to the inherent stupidity that is (often) rock and roll, I was reminded of why Girls Rock rules: because girls are going to play music whether the world thinks they can or not. And it's going to be awesome, every single time they pick up their instruments."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.