Glimpse the future of girl pop with Wonder Girls, Korea's most awesome export

Many awesome things come from Korea: Samsung, kimchiand Hyundai all hold a special place in our hearts. But all that is secondary to the greatest Korean export of them all -- the K-pop genius of Wonder Girls.

Take the Spice Girls, dial the weirdness up to eleven and update it all for the new millennium and you have the Wonder Girls. The music is deliriously catchy, the videos inscrutably weird and the fans suitably fanatical. The whole effect is quite impressive.

The video is a warped tale that should be, if there was any justice in the world, the next Men in Black film (okay, women in black, because we want these girls in it, not Will Smith's overexposed mug). They go to a club, do some dancing, sing a song, capture an alien, extract some magical tear juice from him ... it's pretty awesome. Also awesome is their blond Korean boss guy with the yellow eye shadow. And the alien's shiny jumpsuit. And, well, just about every frame of the video, really, not to mention the song. Have a look for yourself...

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