Good Evening: One more reason not to find your roomate on Craigslist

Holy goddamn! Got six minutes to kill? Need a Friday diversion, a palate cleanser, if you will, to wash this week's Freaky Friday entry from your dome (we told you the shit was heinous)? Here you go. Watch this. It's the latest bit from the Mims Brothers. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but, more importantly, "When you see him, you'll be like, 'Jesus Christ! That's dracula!" Uh, actually, he looks more like Uncle Sid in a role he was born to play. Oh and don't miss the epic performances from onetime Rockbar manager Robert Perry and Sid's Mims Brothers counterpart Andy Berg -- looking for all the world like some sort of clinical hybrid Jason Lee and Johnny Knoxville. Oh, and speaking of Rockbar, don't miss the cameo. We'd recognize that gaudy wallpaper anywhere.

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