With a lineup consisting solely of two bassists and a drummer, you'd be right to assume that [email protected] (aka Go Patriot) is heavy. While skinsman Nate Weaver frenetically abuses his kit, Ben Williams and Sean Inman visit all manner of violence on their instruments. Breaking sticks and strings, the trio lowers the floor with seven instrumental tracks of buzzy riffs and brutal beats guaranteed to loosen your fillings and clean out that stubborn intestinal plaque. And just when the rumbling onslaught of driving tracks like "The Smoking Monkey" seems unbearable, the boys lighten the mood with the almost-poppy and undeniably melodic "Two Eagles" and "Dirty Rider," the only cut that includes mostly indecipherable vocals, adding a welcome new texture and timbre to the low-end assault. There's even some spacey noodling on the closer, "San Juan," that gives you a few minutes to grab a cold beer and catch your breath before you hit "repeat" and the whole ferocious cycle begins again.
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Eryc Eyl
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