Gorinto flier slaps some humor into the mix

The majority of the fliers we see are deadly serious affairs, but thankfully, the crew over at Bocumast knows how to make light of a situation while still retaining the essentials of a well put together flier. The fact this one has Neil Armstrong on it just seals the deal with a nerdy, NASA-loving kiss.

The premise of Gorinto, in case you're unaware, is pretty simple: Every Wednesday, Mercury Cafe cook Corey Elbin gets to do whatever he wants. Tonight, that means some kickass tunes from Aenka (featuring our own Jon Solomon), a project from David Kurtz and Ryan Mcryhew called Cougarfist, Alphabets and Holophrase. The lineup is pretty eclectic, and even if you're not into all the music, there will also be some (excellent) food for five bucks.

The flier itself is a nice combination of design and information.The text is given enough room to breathe, giving you a clear idea of who is playing, when and where. There's also a few filters run across the whole thing making it look like an old poster, complete with a fold mark down the middle. You see, in poster and flier design, old things always look better. We don't know why; it's just a fact of science.

The danger, perhaps, comes from the disclaimer on the bottom, right above the lovely view of a hill reads the line, "Please beware: If you are ovulating there is a good chance this show will get you pregnant." Now, that in and of itself is a strange thing for a flier, but coupled with the photograph of Neil Armstrong on the top, we have to wonder a bit about the real implications here. Will Neil Armstrong be there, pantsless and alone? Is this some type of statement? I guess we'll find out for sure tonight.

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