The newly renovated venue side of Pearl's.EXPAND
The newly renovated venue side of Pearl's.
Jon Solomon

Grand Opening of a Music Venue at Pearl's. The Owners Won't Reveal the Name

After being open for about a year, the Capitol Hill-based neighborhood bar and venue Pearl’s was in jeopardy of closing. The spot at 603 East 13th Avenue, which had previously been home to Beauty Bar and the Snake Pit before that, even launched an Indiegogo campaign to try to stay afloat. But now, with two new owners on board, as well as new sound and light systems (with lasers to boot), the venue side of the bar will focus on live music. The owners will unveil its new name tonight, Friday, January 27, at the venue’s grand opening.

Co-owner Tucker Schwab, who had been a Beauty Bar bartender and manager, said that after they launched the campaign, they were approached by a few different parties. James Bedwell, who had been booking acts at a few local venues through his Boogie Groove Entertainment company, was one of them. Bedwell and his partner, Joe Dan Hite, who will both head up the venue side (Schwab and Austin Lane will still oversee the bar side), saw the opportunity to have their own venue and bring in funk, jam and electronic bands – acts similar to what they were booking at Tony P’s on 17th Avenue.

The newly renovated venue side of Pearl's.EXPAND
The newly renovated venue side of Pearl's.
Jon Solomon

The rebooted Pearl’s has also started bringing in punk bands on Mondays, and three Sundays out of the month will be dedicated to metal acts, while the last Sunday of the month will present comedy. Motown Thursdays, headed up Miggy Camacho, are still in full effect, as they have been since the Beauty Bar days, while Tuesdays are funk-driven, open mic/jam nights, and on Wednesdays it’s Hump Day, a ’90s dance night geared toward the LGBT community.

Tonight’s grand opening spotlights three funk bands, including Jam MUNK, Kalied and Boogie Mammoth. Next month, Luke the Knife (aka Luke Miller of the jamtronic band Lotus) will head up the official Lotus after-party on Saturday, February 18.

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The bar on the venue side of Pearl's.EXPAND
The bar on the venue side of Pearl's.
Jon Solomon
The bar side of Pearl's.EXPAND
The bar side of Pearl's.
Jon Solomon

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